Incentivizing Sustainable Working And Living

April 13, 2022

IMMOBIX rewards you to live and work in a sustainable way by choosing eco-friendly options regarding your housing and office situations – including temperature regulation, ventilation, power consumption, waste management, and physical activities that keep your family and your workforce healthy! Opt in and you will receive IMMOS and IMMOBX tokens as a reward!

Electricity production and consumption account for well above 35% of global greenhouse emissions. Green energy is a light on the horizon, but efficiency improvements and personal abdication are required until then, especially in the First World. Whether it’s smart metering, solar-powered devices, or double-glazed windows, energy savings are significant.

Studies indicate that 40% of the energy generated worldwide is consumed inside buildings to achieve predetermined, static temperatures. However, many people still feel uncomfortably cold or hot at home or at their jobs. In any office, home, or shared space, there’s almost always someone who’s too cold, someone who’s too hot, and someone who doesn’t know what the fuss around the thermostat is all about.

Incentives support individuals at home and employees in their offices to move more and stay healthier. Everyone knows regular physical activity is good for their health. The more a person moves on a daily basis, the healthier she tends to be. Exercise helps to reduce stress, makes us happy, and promotes mental as well as physical performance.

IMMOBIX is a service of RAAY Real Estate GmbH, a joint venture of Hammer AG, Wertgrund Immobilien AG, and Datarella GmbH.