Urban transportation, mobility of human beings, and the delivery of goods require a huge amount of transportation daily. By incentivizing residents and employees to use micromobility, s.a. bikes, e-Bikes, cargo bikes, e-Scooters, or e-Mopeds in their real estate neighborhoods, IMMOBIX provides the foundation for sustainable growth of neighborhoods and helps to improve the quality of life in urban areas. Move emission-free and you will earn MOBIX you can later swap with IMMOBIX! You might want to download the MOBIX app now!

Active & Dynamic Lifestyle.
Sustainable Transportation.

Ride Micromobility & Get MOBIX Rewards!

Our partner MOBIX rewards you for using eco-friendly means of transportation, riding your bike, e-Bike, scooter, e-Scooter, or e-Moped. Choose to move emission-free and you will earn MOBX tokens!MOBIX incentivizes every person in the world to use sustainable her-emission mobility. Whether you use or provide micromobility services or offer infrastructure for micromobility, with MOBIX you can earn rewards or incentivize usage of your services. You might want to download the MOBIX app ans start earning MOBIX Miles right now!

    These Tipps & Tricks are part of our guide that helps you to regulate your temperatures at home and in your office in an optimal way. By following our guide’s advice you and everybody around you will benefit and you demonstrate eco-friendly, sustainable behavior that helps your landlord to keep energy cost allocation low. And the best: you earn MOBIX Miles – the sustainability reward points of MOBIX that can be exchanged with IMMOBIX!

    "We could decrease CO2 emissions by 35% after the introduction of micromobility!"

    "These cargo bikes made my weekly grocery shopping tour so much more fun!"

    "With the scooter and the eBike, I can reach the subway within minutes!"

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