Temperature Regulation

Studies indicate that 40% of the energy generated worldwide is consumed inside buildings to achieve predetermined, static temperatures. However, many people still feel uncomfortably cold or hot at home or at their jobs. In any office, home, or shared space, there’s almost always someone who’s too cold, someone who’s too hot, and someone who doesn’t know what the fuss around the thermostat is all about.

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Because HVAC systems are programmed to always deliver predetermined levels of heating or cooling, they do not take into account or adjust for, human data or personal comfort preferences. Further, because these systems do not adjust for variable factors—such as heat from direct sunlight—in space, the air temperature is not uniform and people can experience varied thermal sensations. A body’s physiological responses (such as skin temperature, respiration, and heart rate) are correlated to its comfort level and surrounding thermal sensations.

People would be more comfortable if building HVAC systems could respond in real-time to their varying comfort levels and their fluctuations throughout the day. A person’s satisfaction with their environment, and specifically their thermal comfort level, has a direct effect on their health, well-being, and performance. Unless your building is featuring a smart HVAC system, you are the one who is responsible for your, your family’s, or your co-workers” wellbeing, as well as for the impact your behavior has on the building itself and on the environment.

We at IMMOBIX have created a guide that helps you to regulate your temperatures at home and in your office in an optimal way. By following our guide’s advice you and everybody around you will benefit and you demonstrate eco-friendly, sustainable behavior that helps your landlord to keep energy cost allocation low. And the best: you earn IMMOBIX sustainability rewards!

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