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For Sustainable

Working & Living

IMMOBIX rewards you to live and work in a sustainable way by choosing eco-friendly options regarding your housing and office situations. This includes temperature regulation, ventilation, power consumption, waste management, and physical activities, that keep your family, and your workforce healthy, as well as assistance that keeps your neighborhood liveable! Opt in and you will receive rewards, as well as MOBX Miles and MOBIX tokens for the use of micromobility!

How To Earn IMMOBIX Rewards?

Temperature Regulation

Regulate your living temperature for the optimum mix of feel-good effects, health benefits, and cost savings! We show you how to do it!


Create a healthy indoor climate in your home, especially in the winter months when we heat more! We show you how you balance out dry air!

Energy Consumption

With minimal effort and the correct use of your household appliances your next electricity bill could be significantly reduced – and your earn IMMOBIX rewards!

Waste & Water Management

Everybody can start to reduce the global waste problem and water scarcity by taking care of their own individual waste & water management. We show you how you earn IMMOBIX rewards!

Neighbourhood Assistance

A good neighborhood supports a high quality of life. Community activities and neighborly help are elementary aspects of sustainable living – and earn you IMMOBIX rewards!


MOBIX incentivizes you to use sustainable zero-emission mobility. Whether you use or provide micromobility services, with MOBIX you can earn rewards or incentivize usage of your services.

"During times of unrest and energy shortage, being supported by IMMOBIX has been very helpful!"

"Other than prizes of typical bonus programs, you can use IMMOBIX Tokens everywhere!"

"Being in our 70ies, we can support our neighborhood by taking care of the kids and looking after the pets. It feels good to be needed!"

"Even before the official launch of the IMMOBIX app I benefit: by earning MOBIX Miles: with their partner's MOBIX app!"

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